What do you want to know? Here is just a little snippet. Below you can find answers to questions I am frequently asked.

Lisa Washington is a God fearing woman, daughter, mother, wife and grandmother. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Lisa attended Detroit Public Schools and graduated from Wayne State University. After serving in the United States Navy, Lisa and her son Marcus lived in Detroit and Norfolk, Va before making Noblesville, IN their home.  Lisa rekindled with the love of her life, Markel Washington, owner of Washington Way Financial, LLC.  They were married in 2015.

Lisa has worked in several departments of government including the City of Norfolk, the State of Indiana, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. She has always wanted to write, leading to her decision to get a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Butler University's Creative Writing Program. 

As an active member of the Way Church Indianapolis, National Council of Negro Women and The NAACP, Indianapolis Branch, Lisa is committed to community involvement and service.

Questions for the Author

  1. Were you raised in Detroit, MI? What was your childhood like? What was your ambition as a child? I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I was raised by my mother and grew up with an older brother. Growing up was normal type of middle-class stuff. I was introduced to cheerleading at 5-years old and kept that going until college and beyond. I remember wanting to be a teacher as a young girl. I realize now that I wanted to do something that helps people and youth.

  2. You have mentioned that, by profession, you are a are Mother, Wife, Author, Educator, Event planner, Wedding Planner, and Travel consultant. Can you rate these in the order of your favorites? Which of these fields did you start your work life with? My work life began in retail, working at various retail stores. I then joined the military. After Navy Life, I tried different jobs trying to figure out what I wanted and ended up with a degree in public relations. Public relations incorporated 2 things I loved to do, writing and events. I thoroughly enjoy planning and executing events. I couldn’t find a job in public relations, so I stayed in government positions that paid the bills. When my health became an issue with the stress of the work I was doing, I started to rediscover my passions in life. The things that really make me happy. I was blessed to find a position in higher education without the professional background. The position I have allows me to be able to work my other businesses in weddings and travel. I was also able to complete my first novel after 12 years.  Being an author, helping brides, traveling, are all equally important.

  3. What was it like serving in the United States Navy? Do you have any memorable instances from this time? I enjoyed my years in service. I met some great people and visited some great places. I lived in Italy for 2 years and enjoyed every minute of it. I have some great memories, but way too many to tell and many I can’t share.


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